Louise Falls Campground - Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park

Breathtaking waterfalls are easily viewed from the day use areas of this park.

This park is made up of three main areas, which are linked together by a beautiful and dramatic trail:

  • Alexandra Falls Day Use Area
  • Louise Falls Campground and Day Use Area
  • Escarpment Creek Group Campsite

The fully serviced Louise Falls Campground is located in the centre of the park, making the features at Louise Falls Day Use Area easy to acess, as well as a nice 2 km trail to Alexandra Falls Day Use Area.  Make sure you see the awesome spiral staircase at Louise Falls.

The Hay River Canyon is a spectacular sight, cut deep by a river with water the same honey colour as the steep rock walls to either side. And it's only when you notice how small the trees look on the far side, that you realize just how big that canyon is.

Please note that the Hay River Visitor Centre is the closest RV water filling station.