Twin Falls Gorge - Escarpment Creek Group Campground

The Escarpment Creek Group Campground offers 12 powered campsites, available for private group rentals only. This park is a lovely group camping destination, located 3 kms north of the Louise Falls Campground. Escarpment Creek is situated along the stunning deep gorge of the Hay River, the park is adorned by an attractive series of small waterfalls connected by walking trails that lead to the Louise Falls.

This park is managed by the Louise Falls Campground Operator, so check in at Louise Falls and collect your permit before proceeding to the Escarpment Creek Campground. The rental cost for this park, including 12 powered campsites is $272/night + GST (4 campsites $28/night and 8 campsites are offered at a discounted rate of $20/night). Included with the rental is a quaint kitchen shelter, with picnic tables and a woodstove and an outdoor seating area with a fire pit. There are no shower facilities located at the park, but the shower facilities at the Louise Falls Campground are available for use.