Liard Trail

(Highway 7)


This route starts at the NWT/British Columbia (BC) border and takes you northeast, following the scenic river valley through Fort Liard to Checkpoint. It features inspiring views of the Liard River and the Nahanni Mountains, especially at Blackstone Territorial Park (LT1), the only territorial park on this route.

Kilometres/miles reflect distance from the NWT/BC border.

NWT/BC Border

Kilometre 0 (Mile 0)

Be sure to check out the welcome signs!

Fort Liard

Kilometre 37.6 (Mile 23.4)

This small community (pop. 615) is located 6.4 km/4 miles west of the Liard Highway, at the confluence of the Liard and Petitot Rivers. The view of the rivers and mountains from the access road and the community is well worth the short side trip.

Fort Liard is considered "the tropics of the north" as it often has the warmest weather and best growing conditions in the Northwest Territories. This is one of the oldest continuously settled areas in the north.

Of Special Interest

  • Home of Acho Dene, renowned for their birch bark and porcupine quill artistry.
  • Visit the Visitor Information Centre and arts and craft store, which includes 15 flavours of ice cream!

Muskeg River

Kilometre 46.6 (Mile 29)

You will find a turnout with interpretive signage at north end. This is a good fishing spot for pike, pickerel/walleye and freshwater clams. Frequently, this area is used as a swimming hole by local residents.

Hay Lakes Municipal Campground

Kilometre 47 (Mile 29)

This municipal campground is located about 4 km/2.5 miles along the access road to Fort Liard. Situated next to a small lake, it has a kitchen shelter and several campsites.

Liard Valley Viewpoint

Kilometre 77 (Mile 47.8)

This rest stop provides a picturesque view of the Liard Valley and the mountains in the Liard Range.

Netla River

Kilometre 115.9 (Mile 72.0)

This area provides an important waterfowl breeding habitat. Gorgeous views of the mountains on the opposite side of the Liard River.

Nahanni Butte

Kilometre 138.9 (Mile 86.3)

Looking west you will see the location of the winter ice road that leads 22.3 km/13.8 miles to Nahanni Butte (pop. 92). This small Dene community, at the confluence of the South Nahanni and Liard Rivers, is accessible in summer by boat, floatplane or wheeled plane. Contact the Nahanni Butte Dene Band to arrange a boat taxi (867) 602-2900.

Nahanni National Park Reserve

Nahanni National Park Reserve, established in 1976, protects a portion of the Mackenzie Mountains Natural Region. The centerpiece of the Park is the South Nahanni River. Four noteworthy canyons, reaching 1,000 metres in depth, line this spectacular river. At Virginia Falls, the river drops an incredible 90 metres, nearly double the vertical drop of Niagara Falls. The South Nahanni region offers spectacular hiking opportunities, mostly by boat from the river corridor. The majority of visitors travel to the Park by chartered float plane via Fort Simpson or Yellowknife.

Blackstone River and Upper Blackstone River Day Use Area

Kilometre 145.9 (Mile 90.7)

There is a small picnic area between the two bridges.

Blackstone Territorial Park

Kilometre 150.3 (Mile 93.4)

This park has 19 non-powered campsites in a spectacular setting rich in historical significance, alive with abundant wildlife and framed by stunning mountain views. The fast flowing Liard River, and its proximity to the South Nahanni and Blackstone Rivers, makes this an excellent start or end point for canoeists, boaters or anglers.

The visitor information building, built with local logs, is open from mid-May to the end of September.

Lindberg Landing

Kilometre 154 (Mile 95.7)

A road leads west to the small homestead of Lindberg Landing on the shore of the Liard River. This location has for many years been used as a landing site for travellers on the South Nahanni and Liard Rivers. Rustic cabins and guest houses are available. Reservations are requested. Please email: .

Poplar River

Kilometre 219.7 (Mile 136.5)

Good Arctic grayling and pike fishing.