Hay River Territorial Park

Located on Vale Island in Hay River (10 km/6 miles past the local Visit Information Centre, follow the signs along Hwy 2 for directions) this park offers fantastic swimming on the sandy shores of Great Slave Lake, unique viewing of cargo barges and fishing vessels plying the waters and great opportunities to fish for northern pike.

There are 67 campsites in the park including a powered, 24 site group camping area, located lakeside at the Hay River Territorial Park Beach. To book the group camping sites call the park directly (Contact Us) or email Parks@gov.nt.ca

Park Highlights: 

Great Slave Lake Facts:

  • The Lake is remnant of an enormous inland sea scoured out of the Canadian shield by glaciers during the last ice age.
  • The second largest lake within Canada with an area of 28,438 km2/ 10,980 miles2.
  • The deepest lake in North America at 616 metres/2,027 feet deep
This lovely forested campground offers a wilderness setting with modern amenities (including coin laundry). The campground has 67 powered campsites including a 24 site, group camping area (powered) located lakeside at the Territorial Park Beach. To inquire about group campsite availability contact the park directly (Contact Us) or email Parks@gov.nt.ca.