The Waterfalls Route features numerous waterfalls, rivers and lakes, excellent hiking trails, sandy beaches and great fishing spots.

This route extends northwest to Fort Simpson and then on to Wrigley. It will take you through a ruggedly beautiful region of forested hills, mountains and clear lakes.

The Liard Highway features inspiring views of the Liard river and the Nahanni Mountains, especially at Blackstone Territorial Park.

The Great Slave Route takes you to two communities located along the southern shores of Great Slave Lake - Hay River and Fort Resolution.

The Wood Buffalo Route the salt plains and bison in Wood Buffalo National Park, white water rafting on the Slave River, pelicans and cranes at the Slave River rapids.

Historic Fort Providence, the Mackenzie Valley Bison Sanctuary, sandhill cranes and waterfowl on your way to Yellowknife and Great Slave Lake.

Dozens of lakes, campgrounds, picnic sites, vistas of lakes, forest and ancient Precambrian rock through Yellowknife’s cottage country.

The Dempster Highway provides the opportunity to view wildlife and enjoy some of the most beautiful wilderness scenery in the world.

The starting point for canoe trips on mountain rivers, a unique collection of foot bridges constructed of driftwood, and several locations to explore for fossils.