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Please email NWT Parks if you require assistance changing or cancelling a reservation, processing a booking or if you'd like to know more about the features, seasonal dates, and policies for territorial parks in the NWT. 


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Technical Support

For technical issues associated with campsite reservations please contact our support line at: 867-875-7358


Zero Tolerance Statement

The people at our helpdesk work hard to satisfy the concerns of our customers. Please treat these people with the same respect and consideration that you want to receive. Yelling and abusive language are not acceptable forms of communication, and do not contribute positively to the resolution of concerns. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Verbal abuse of helpdesk staff could result in suspension of your use of the online reservation system.

Contact Information - NWT Parks Campgrounds

60th Parallel Territorial Park
Tel: 867-984-3811
Blackstone Territorial Park
Tel: 867-695-7515 No phone service at Park - Contact Dehcho Parks Office 
Escarpment Creek Group Campground
Tel: 867-875-7050 No phone service at Park - Managed by Louise Falls Campground
Fort Providence Territorial Park
Tel: 867-699-3618 Cell: 867-444-8786
Fort Simpson Territorial Park
Tel: 867-695-2321
Fred Henne Territorial Park
Tel: 867-920-2472 Park Operator Email:
Gwich'in Territorial Park
Tel: 867 777-7353 No phone service at Park - Contact Beaufort Delta Parks Office  
Happy Valley Territorial Park
Tel: 867-777-3652 (Inuvik (Beaufort Delta Region) staff contact information below)
Hay River Territorial Park
Tel: 867-874-3772 Cell: 867-875-7050
Hidden Lake Territorial Park - Backcountry Park
Tel: 867-767-9212 No phone service at Park – Contact North Slave Parks Office
Jàk Territorial Park
Tel: 867-777-3613
Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park
Cell: 867-875-7050
Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park
Tel: 867-394-4411 (after 5 pm) Cell: 587-988-4150
Little Buffalo River Falls Territorial Park
Tel: 867-872-2607 No phone service at Park - Managed by Queen Elizabeth Campground
MacKinnon Territorial Park
Tel: 867-587-7171 Ext. 1002 No Phone Service at Park - Contact Sahtu Parks Office 
Nataiinlaii Territorial Park
Tel: 867-777-7353 No Phone Service at Park - Contact Beaufort Parks Office 
Prelude Lake Territorial Park
Tel: 867-445-5432 Park Operator Email:
Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park
Tel: 867-872-2607
Reid Lake Territorial Park
Tel: 867-679-0619 Park Operator Email:
Sambaa Deh Territorial Park
Tel: 867-695-7515 No phone service at Park - Contact Dehcho Parks Office
Louise Falls Campground - Twin Falls Territorial Park 
Cell: 867-875-7050
Vadzaih Van Tshik Territorial Park
Tel: 867-777-7353 No phone service at Park - Contact Beaufort Delta Parks Office


Park Management Contacts - Government of the Northwest Territories

Fort Simpson (Deh Cho Region)
Telephone: (867) 695-7515

Hay River (South Slave Region)
Telephone: (867) 875-7569

Inuvik (Beaufort Region)
Telephone: (867) 777-7353
E-Mail: j

Norman Wells (Sahtu Region)
Telephone: (867) 587-7171

Yellowknife (North Slave Region)

Telephone: (867) 767-9212 (ext. 63246)