Fire Restrictions at NWT Parks

May 31, 2024

Due to extremely dry environmental conditions and the risk that fires could spread easily, there are restrictions in place banning all open fires at designated Territorial Parks. The restrictions prohibit campfires, which includes the use of approved fire pits and all wood fires including those contained within a device.

Items that are permitted for use during the fire ban are propane fueled camp stoves and enclosed BBQs, and propane fueled cooking and heating devices. The devices must be placed within regulation fire pits and should not emit a flame more than 0.5 metres in diameter and 0.5 metres in height.

Campfires are not permitted at the following Parks:

Blackstone Territorial Park

Sambaa Deh Falls Territorial Park

Fort Simpson Territorial Park


The fire ban listing is current and will be updated if environmental conditions allow for campfires. To avoid surprises on your next visit, check back to before you travel to see if campfires are permitted.